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Evenning dinner
at Mas Conil

Our meals are inspired by the use of seasonal vegetables with most of the vegetables being organically grown in our own garden adjacent to the Mas. During the cold seasons, we invite you to dine in our dining room with its traditional fireplace.
The menu: apéritif, entrée, main course (meat or fish), cheese board and dessert.
Evenning dinner BY RESERVATION ONLY not less than 48 hours in advance.
Price : 40 Euros, WITHOUT ALCOHOLIC DRINKS. Wines from regional producers are proposed for every meal. White, rosé, red, wines from Cévennes, good surprises!

La truffe d'Uzès

In the region of Uzes, we can find, prepare and eat the black truffel (Tuber melanosporum) in winter.

Les asperges de l'Uzège

From late March to early June, fresh asparagus harvested in the morning are found in the plate at evenning dinner.

La gariguette de Provence

The famous elongated, pale red gariguette,appears very early on the tables, it is not uncommon to serve it at Easter.

Les abricots de Provence

After a superb flowering, the apricots of Provence arrive on our tables in the late spring.

Les pélardons des Cévennes

AOC cheese with goat's milk, with soft dough, pélardon is an unmissable classic.

Les tomates du potager du Mas Conil

During the summer, old, red, green, yellow and black tomatoes come from the kitchen garden.

Les courges Musquée de Provence au Mas Conil

Until the autumn, "Musquée de Provence" squash grows in the kitchen garden..

Les melons de Provence

The melons served at the Mas first come from the Uzège

Les aubergines du potager

The aubergines we serve come mainly from the vegetable garden.