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cyclistes au Mas Conil

Welcome to cyclists

Whether you are cyclo-tourists, cyclo-sportmen and women or cyclo-electric, the roads of Uzège are made for you!

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Saison des asperges

The asparagus from the Gard is coming to our plates

5 good reasons to eat asparagus. . . but the sixth reason is the best one.

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Pont du Gard

In May, long weekends... ("bridges" of May in french)

In May, I go to the South of France, I offer myself a cultural day and I receive a bottle of red wine, a bottle of white wine, a bottle of rosé, which I will drink at home. Cheers, Mas Conil !

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only for children

Only for children

Beautiful discoveries, adventure, laughter and fun.

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Gourmets' Promenades

Discover and enjoy market and seasonal products, wine tasting, on foot, by bike, in a car with driver, or... on a horse-drawn carriage.

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